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The HYPHENOVA Mission is simple. To connect, uplift, and amplify voices around the World.


HYPHENOVA (HYP) is the first major cross-platform public benefit (social good for-profit) media network. HYP is a tribute and celebration of our multi-hyphenate, funny, complex, and authentic lives.



  • Web Development

HYPHENOVA operates with inclusivity. They value and edify each of their unique backgrounds and experiences. HYP believes that we all have stories to tell, knowledge to both give and receive, and talents to be cultivated and honored.

As HYP is a B-corp company created by creators, they are committed to providing greater avenues for creator ownership and revenue generation. Examples include revenue and profit sharing with HYP, legacy and asset building programs, and ownership within HYP itself. In addition, HYP provides no-cost and reduced-cost opportunities for promotional airtime on our distribution channels to support emerging creators and startups.