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It is very simple to post information on social media.

Everyone can pass information through the internet including their online businesses, but the question you need to ask about the content of your business is…

Are your followers interested in your information?
Do they even trust your information?

This issue is raised because nowadays, the internet is occupied by scammers and us consumers are becoming much more savvy to what’s real and what isn’t.

One major thing you want (actually need) is your customers to trust you and also acknowledge that your source of information is reliable and trustworthy.

But how will you go about this?

Building trust can be done in many ways, but for your social media fans, the following tips will greatly increase trust among them a tad better than the rest. 😉

1. Deliver Quality Information
Quality is always given credit. If you share your great content on social media, your followers will understand your business better, and they will want to know more about it.

It will mean that your information is worth sharing.

Reliable information is always professional and encloses great ideas while being free from errors.

Sharing doesn’t mean you have to share all details…

You have your website, therefore I suggest encouraging them to click on it through CTA’s (Call To Action).

In doing this, you will start to see more traffic on your website.

2. Keep Away From Jargon
Although social media is meant for interaction, it is not the best strategy to use additional languages, as this can turn off your audience.

Update short and precise posts.

This will direct a consumer to click through in case they need more information.

Be sure you give them a clue of what they’ll find if they click through.

It is paramount to give your audience information they need is one of the easiest ways for you to gain trust.

3. Engage
There is no point of sharing information on social media if you are not going to engage your followers.

It is very simple to interact with customers and/or clients through Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms.

Make proper use of tools provided and speak to your demographic/target audience.

Those who receive your responses promptly will know that they come first…hence winning their trust.

Others will also see how you respond to customers and/or clients and this will also boost your reputation.

4. Timing
Avoid posting too frequently as this will annoy your followers – they may even stop following you if it’s disrupting their experience on the platform.

They may view you as a spammer, and this will ruin your trust very quickly.

On the flip side, if you don’t post consistently, people will forget about you and no longer follow you.

The best solution to this is to find a balance.

If done correctly, your relationship with your audience will thrive.

5. Emphasize The Best of Your Business
It is crucial to show your followers your excellence. If you have success stories or testimonials, let them know. Strengths? Show those off! (without bragging too much, of course)

When someone is looking for a company or a service, they always want to know about it before involving themselves.

Since social media has an immense reach, share the testimonials, share the successes, share the strengths of your business.

If you take these tips into practice, you will notice a difference within your community…

I promise.

Walter Hassell